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  • For Those Facing Economic Hardship...

    As jobs and the economy are impacted by the spread of COVID-19, keep in mind that Derry Church can provide financial assistance. Reach out to Pastor Stephen or Pastor Marie for more information.

  • One Great Hour of Sharing: Update #2

  • Tuesday Worship: Jesus Calms the Storm

    Join Pastor Stephen McKinney-Whitaker and Dan Stokes for a 14-minute worship experience centered on the Gospel of Mark, chapter 4: Jesus calms the storm.


  • Grab-n-Go "These Days" and Easter Candy Available Now
    • The April-June edition of These Days
    • Easter candy that would have been used for the egg hunt

    When you're in the neighborhood, swing through the parking lot and pick up devotionals and candy (first come, first serve) between the double doors at the Mansion Road entrance. 

  • Beware of Fraudulent Email and Phone Scams

    As Congress gears up to release a massive coronavirus stimulus package, you can be sure that scammers will not be far behind with phishing emails and phone calls to grab what they can from unsuspecting individuals. Remember that no one from "the government" or "the IRS" or your "bank" will ever call or email you to ask for your social security number and bank account number so your check can be deposited. These are scams. Please be vigilant. Hat tip to Cyndi Camp for sending us this important reminder.

  • Derry Madness Standings after One Week of Play

    The first week of play is on the books. You can watch all 16 competitions that took place in Week 1 on this YouTube playlist and on Facebook. Week 2 is under way now. These Derry members are sitting pretty at the top of the standings right now... but with two more weeks of play, it's anybody's guess who will walk away with 2020 trophies. Get email updates and the week 3 ballot from Pete Steelman.


    Emma “Swan Lake” Burke


    Tracy “Bull Market” Burke


    Sue “Curious” George




    Mike “The Bronco” Parrish


    Greg “Stone Cold” Taylor


    Lynn “Wunderkind” George


    Cindy “The Warlock” Warnock


    Craig “Shooter” Barth


    M.E. “The Preschool Whisperer” Steelman 


    Chris “Stealthy” Bevins


    Kendall “Mini” Cooper                                      


    Everyone who submits a ballot for the Derry Madness competition described above is encouraged to give a suggested donation of $10/person, with all funds raised supporting scholarships for Presbyterian Education Board students in Pakistan. Whether or not you are playing Derry Madness, a donation to Pakistan Scholarships is very much needed in these turbulent times. This week we received an email from Veda Gill, Executive Director of PEB in Pakistan, where she explains the dire situation in that country. 

  • I Need This... I Can Help

    Derry Church started a new community group  on Facebook with the goal of being a resource for matching people who need something with people who can help to meet those needs. Check it out: you may be able to be a blessing or receive a blessing from our neighbors when we all need it most.

  • Grab-n-Go Palms Available Next Week

    We expect to have palms by next Thursday that we'll set out by the Mansion Road/Office entrance for drive-by pickup. Please stop by for some, then take a short video of you or family members waving your palms and send to Sue George. She'll compile them into one big processional video we'll show during live streaming worship on April 5. For best results, please hold your camera/phone horizontally (landscape) while you film.

    Watch for an announcement on grab-n-go Easter lilies after April 12!

  • Top-to-Bottom Cleaning Under Way

    One of the benefits of an empty building: we've enlisted Coveralls, our cleaning service, to give the church an extensive cleaning and sanitization. We're glad to continue to provide work for a local business while making the building cleaner and safer for all who enter.

  • Hershey Food Bank Update

    Grocery stores are struggling keep up with current demands. At this time the Hershey Food Bank is not allowed to place its standard weekly orders. This makes it more difficult to maintain stock since only a few items may be purchased at one time instead of 10 or 20 cases of each item as in the past. This is also more costly as the food bank used to buy in large quantities and only when on sale.

    How can you help?

    1. Funds are always welcome and appreciated. Click to donate to support food purchases which we expect to increase as availability increases over time.
    2. If you can afford it, when shopping please buy a couple extra items for the food bank.

    Any items are gladly accepted but here are some suggestions of most needed items: Tuna, canned meats, baked beans, canned peas, peanut butter, Hunts canned pasta sauce, laundry detergent, bars of soap, toilet paper, paper towels, sanitizing wipes.

  • Session Votes to Keep Derry Church Closed

    On March 25, Session gathered on Zoom for a brief meeting, voting to continue the closure of Derry Church for all activities and in-person gatherings, with the exception of staff and volunteers deemed essential by pastoral staff, until Session decides it's safe to reopen.

  • Holy Week Schedule Changes

    Please note that all Holy Week services are by live streaming only. Additional changes include:

    • Worship on Maundy Thursday, April 9 will include communion. Have some bread and juice/wine at home and partake along with the worship leaders.
    • One service at 10:30 am on Easter Sunday, April 12.

  • Central Pennsylvania Blood Bank Needs Your Help
    • The blood supply & blood donation is safe!
    • It's the blood on the shelf that saves lives
    • Blood has a shelf life & must be constantly replenished
    • Healthy donors are needed to assure blood is available for the patients who need it
    • Please make & keep appointments to ensure an adequate supply
    • Please call 717-566-6161 to make an appointment at one of our donor centers practicing social distancing
  • Do You Need Child Care? Can You Provide Child Care?

    We're compiling a list of trusted caregivers. If you need the list, or want to be added to the list, please contact Pastor Stephen. Thanks, Derry!

  • What Will Happen During Holy Week?

    We're not sure yet, except that Good Friday will be live stream only. Rest assured that for all upcoming services, alternate plans are being made and if we can't worship in the Sanctuary, we will live stream with a small leadership team. Keep an eye on this space and tune in to Sunday live streaming worship for the latest updates and announcements.