March 15, 2018


Sue George

Director of Communications & Technology


One of my occasional jobs is updating staff computers. When Apple releases an update to their operating system, that’s my cue to strap on my running shoes make the rounds at staff computers. I earn my 10,000 steps those days as I dash up and down the stairs to activate downloads, monitor installation progress, and make sure everything’s working as it should once the installations complete. It takes some time, but it’s important to keep those machines current and protected with the latest security patches.

Computers aren’t the only things that need an update from time to time. On a frosty Saturday morning in January, the Communications & Technology Committee sat down with the pastors and church secretary Teresa Hutcheson to review the Sunday bulletin and the enews and consider how to improve print communications here at Derry Church. The result of that meeting produced the brand-new monthly Connect, a refreshed weekly eNewsletter design and a skinnied-down announcements section in the Sunday bulletin.

Connect is emailed at the end of the month, or you can pick up a copy at church. It’s a quick look at the big picture for the coming month, including that month’s mission focus, a relevant news article and what’s happening at Derry in the next few weeks.

The eNewsletter has been redesigned to focus on the week ahead. As you scroll through, you’ll see what’s going on that Sunday and in the coming week and who should be added to your prayer list, along with a few news items and a heads up on what’s happening in coming weeks. Words in blue are links that take you to the church website -- derrypres.org -- the go-to place to read all news items from the past three months as well as the most current eNews article.

Have you noticed the slimmer, trimmer Sunday bulletin? It’s been reformatted to focus on what’s needed for the worship service. There aren’t as many news items as there used to be, and that’s intentional. By the time you get to the Sunday bulletin, you should already have a good idea of what’s happening. Short notices in the bulletin and the calendar on the back cover should provide all the reminders you need.

And don’t forget to like and follow our social media streams on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. It’s the best way to keep up with what’s happening in the moment on Sunday mornings and throughout the week. Some very entertaining photos and videos pop up there that you may not see anywhere else.

Now it’s your turn. What do you think of the recent changes? Can we tweak something that will make it easier for you to stay informed? Please let me know or tell us in the comments below what we can do better so you’ll know about all the good things happening around the church, in our community and beyond.