2018 Confirmation Class


May 17, 2018


Jill Provins



On May 20, 14 of our youth will complete their studies in Confirmation Class and formally join the congregation at the 10:30 am service. This year’s class includes Jonah Clary, Micah Clary, Allison Cooper, Hattie Gavazzi, Matthew Giampetro, Anika Hosenfeld, Megan Mehaffie, Austin Pease, Lauren Reed, Amelia Stagg, Emma Taylor, Jacob Taylor, Gavin Yutesler, and Justin Yutesler. 

The class began in September under the guidance of Jackie Lerch and Tom Folts with assistance from Bill Uffelman and me. The goal of the class is to provide our youth with a foundational understanding of our faith, tradition, and Presbyterian practices.

The scope and sequence of their study explored the meaning of their baptism and their participation at the Lord’s Supper, as well as learning about church polity, stewardship, spiritual practices, worship and mission. It was an opportunity and important step in their faith journey to be exposed to some of the key teachings of the Christian faith, the history of the universal church and our local church, the life and work of Jesus, and what it means to be a disciple of Jesus.

Along the way we took field trips, visiting the Carlisle Friends Meeting House (Quaker), Lives Changed By Christ in Harrisburg and St. Joan Of Arc Roman Catholic Church in Hershey. This experience provided students with the opportunity to attend and compare services different from our own and then bring that back to class for group discussion.

The class was fun for all, teachers and students. In addition to lessons, everyone participated in fun icebreaker activities and watched cartoon videos pertaining to each lesson. Each confirmand had the opportunity to make their own personalized stole with Christian symbols on one side which reminded them of their faith, and on the other side symbols representing their interests and hobbies.  As our time together came to an end, class members wrote their own personal statement of faith and then shared it with Session at a breakfast a few weeks ago. This gave the members of Session and the class the opportunity to have an informal conversation about their faith journey.

The heart of the curriculum might be summarized as:

By the Holy Spirit, we are made one with the Lord Jesus Christ. We are baptized into Christ’s body, the church.  As a member of this community, We trust in God’s Word, share the Lord’s Supper, and turn to God in prayer. As we grow in grace and knowledge, we are led to do the good works that God intends for our lives.