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June 26, 2018

Summer youth ministry makes my heart so happy. For the last 16 years, summertime has provided some of my favorite memories in ministry. I love having time to spend with students and “I have homework” is never a reason to not get together with friends. Of course, I think school is important, but there is something about that summer break that makes the time together so much sweeter. I have always been a big believer that teenagers still need to play. In a time where there seems to be such a rush to grow up, it’s so great to be able to provide opportunities to be silly and play.

Derry Pres Youth kicked off the summer with a totally crazy scavenger hunt around town. We have nights out on the church lawn to watch movies and eat too much junk food. UNITE Youth is hosting gatherings to play volleyball at the Hershey Rec Center. No competition, no pressure, just play. 

We have some mission days planned, some spontaneous ice cream gatherings that are unplanned, and camps. Mission trips and camps are the icing on the cake for me. I love being a part of challenging students to try experience new things, to watch them see Jesus in new ways, and to see friendships grow that will last a lifetime. The best memories come when everyone is way too tired and silly. It is my hope for all of our students that as they become young adults, they will never let go of the summer memories they made with their youth group family.

It’s still June! We have so much summer ahead of us still!  I can’t wait to see what memories we are going to make together this year.

April 10, 2018

Last night I came home from church with my heart so full! Youth Sunday rehearsals are in full swing this week and I am so excited to see our students working so hard to be able to share their gifts with our church family. A few weeks ago, we began planning this worship service together and watching all of the pieces come together is so exciting.

As I am working on the bulletin for the service, I am overwhelmed at the amount of talent in our youth ministry. Not only do we have many sharing their gifts of music, but this year we have students sharing their gifts of dance. I am so proud of the students who will be standing up in front of the church with speaking parts for their first time. We have our God’s Hidden Hands students stepping out from behind the puppets to share sign language. Two of our seniors will be sharing a meditation. We have students who love our little ones who have planned a fun children’s message. Even our bulletin cover has been designed by a student. It is my hope that on Sunday morning as we see our youth lead in so many different ways, we can all be inspired to share our many different gifts with our church family. 

I am also so thankful for all of the adult leaders and parents who volunteer their time and talents for this amazing group of students. From teaching and choreographing to preparing food and offering rides to events, there are so many people who make Derry Pres Youth Ministry what it is. Thank you.

I am so thankful for and proud of our students and I am so excited to share them all with you on Sunday.  We look forward to seeing you and worshipping with you at 8 am and 10:30 am on April 15.

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