Derry Seniors

The Derry Seniors welcomed back musicians from Lebanon Valley College in March 2019.


  • The Derry Seniors offer adults aged 55 and older an opportunity to gather, socialize, and learn about people and places within the community
  • Programs are held on the third Tuesday of most months from September through May



Jan 21, 2020:  Amish Ways of Life
Presented by Don Witman

Don Whitman will share his experiences with our Amish neighbors, to help us better understand their lifestyle and clarify misconceptions. Don is retired from the Milton Hershey School, where he spent 34 years as teacher, administrator and wrestling coach, then served as a leader with Bob Neff Tours. His relationships with Old Order Amish began in 1992 when he transported families to and from the Hershey Medical Center. 

Mar 17, 2020 :  Lebanon Valley College Musicians
Directed by Shelly Moorman-Stahlman

May 19, 2020 :  Life on the West Bank
Presented by Wayne & Lisa Bender