Derry Seniors

The Derry Seniors welcomed back musicians from Lebanon Valley College in March 2019.


  • The Derry Seniors offer adults aged 55 and older an opportunity to gather, socialize, and learn about people and places within the community
  • Programs are held on the third Tuesday of most months from September through May



Sept 17, 2019 : Medical and Educational Missions Abroad 
Presented by Dr. Thomas Davis 

Oct 15, 2019 :  The Harmonizers
Men's Vocal Ensemble from Londonderry Village

Nov 19, 2019 : Senior Living Options Panel

12 pm Sunday, Dec 1, 2019:  JOY Luncheon

Hosted by the Deacons

Jan 14, 2020:  Amish Ways of Life
Presented by Don Witman

Mar 17, 2020 :  Lebanon Valley College Musicians
Directed by Shelly Moorman-Stahlman

May 19, 2020 :  Life on the West Bank
Presented by Wayne & Lisa Bender