“Warehoused” Documentary and Discussion

Date: 6.06.2019
Time: 7 pm - 9 pm


Room 7

Event Detail:

The Mission and Peace Committee invites you to a showing of “Warehoused,” a documentary that provides an intimate look at the plight long-term refugees face in the Dadaab, Kenya refugee camp. The term "warehoused" refers to refugees living in border camps for ten years or more without the right to work, generate income, move freely or choose their place of residence.

This 72-minute documentary follows several people as they try to carve out an existence in a temporary -- now turned permanent -- residence and serves as a microcosm for the often-forgotten millions of refugees living all over the world. “Warehoused” reveals the vital role nations and organizations play in the lives of millions of people in search of home.

In recognition of International Refugee Day on June 20, the Mission and Peace Committee has invited staff from Church World Services (CWS) Lancaster to participate in the showing and share first-hand their experiences living in the Dadaab refugee camp. CWS is a faith-based organization supporting the refugee community with resettlement, employment and immigration legal services. An open forum of questions and answers with the CWS staff follows. Refreshments will be served.

Contact Info:

Call the church office: 717-533-9667