Feature Article


March 26, 2020

Keri Miller



Shortly after I became a member here at Derry, I found out that they were in a church softball league. Immediately I loved everything about it. Since I grew up playing fast pitch softball my entire childhood, then onto slow pitch softball in my adulthood, I figured it was a win - win situation!

I loved the thought of doing what I love while representing my Church. It’s a great way of gathering with good fellowship and even better sportsmanship. I really enjoy the beginning of each game when both teams meet at home plate and start the game with a prayer. 

This league has been going on for many years and I recently was asked to coach the team. I was honored to be given the opportunity and words cannot express how rewarding it is for me. Sure I enjoyed winning the church league championship this past year, but the friendships I have made along the way mean everything to me! We are always looking for players to come out and join our team ... you don’t need to be an all-star, but you will love the friendships!


Editor’s Note: Contact Keri to be added to the distribution list for information about this season’s softball games.