Welcome to Derry Presbyterian Church. As you explore our website, we think you’ll find a very surprising community of Christian folk. We are blessed with a rich heritage, as the spiritual heirs of Scots-Irish settlers who began gathering under our oak trees for worship almost 300 years ago.

But that is exactly where the surprises begin. Instead of a congregation locked into familiar traditions, Derry is a community of faith marked by joyful variety in its worship – by stimulating, creative Christian education for all ages – by opportunities for youth, from third grade through college, to be part of fellowship groups that minister to one another and others – by hands-on mission outreach locally, nationally, and internationally – and by caring, nurturing support for one another as sisters and brothers in faith.

There is one surprise you won’t find in this website, however – a warm welcome on Sunday morning. We hope you’ll come join us on Sunday as we continue to encourage one another to see and to walk Christ’s Way in the world.