2019 Proposed Mission Statement

We proclaim God's word, share God's love, and practice God's justice.

2019 Proposed Vision Statement: 

To be an inquiring, inviting, and inclusive Christ-centered community.


Derry Church's Session and congregation are in the process of revising these statements developed in the 1990s:



To be a diverse community of believers, empowered by the Holy Spirit, 
To know, glorify, enjoy and serve God in the name of Jesus Christ.

Core Values

In our life and ministry as a congregation of the Presbyterian Church (USA) we believe: 

Jesus Christ is the living word of God revealed in scripture, preaching, and sacraments.

In Christ, we are forgiven and saved.

We are called into the church to believe in and worship God, grow in faith, spread the Gospel, and serve others.


To be a welcoming church family that encourages the congregation to grow in spirit, involvement, and commitment to do God’s work through worship, education, music, mission outreach, and caring.


  • Provide a variety of opportunities for worship and spiritual growth.
  • Increase the active involvement of the congregation in the committees and programs of the church.
  • Expand our church’s ministry and service in the community and the world
  • Stimulate the understanding and the living of the Christian faith.
  • Expand the care and fellowship of the congregation.
  • Increase stewardship education and participation.
  • Attract, inform, and inspire visitors and newcomers to become active members.
  • Provide and maintain the physical facilities needed to safely carry out our mission goals.
  • Provide timely information to our congregation and the community regarding church activities.