Leaders and Committees

Derry Church Committees and Who to Contact

Buildings & Grounds 
oversees general maintenance and repair of our church facility and property. New construction, major projects, and special functions (e.g. Security, Heritage, HVAC) are overseen and directed by sub-committees under B&G.
2019 Chair: Bill Alexander

Christian Education
and its sub-committees plan, develop, and implement programs for all segments of the congregation, to enable members of all ages to grow in their personal faith and in their understanding of the word of God.
2019 Chair: Kristy Elliott

Communications & Technology
strengthens and expands the communications of Derry Church to the congregation and the communities we serve.
2019 Chair: Bob Ganse

Derry Discovery Days Preschool 
is a mission outreach program of Derry Church. It operates on the traditional school year and serves children ages one-five. A part-day enrichment program, it helps children gain positive social, emotional, intellectual and physical experiences in a safe and nurturing Christ-centered environment.
2019 Chair: Heidi Keene 

Long-Range Planning
develops and monitors the church’s long-range plan (Vision and Mission of Derry Presbyterian Church), reviews the routine tasks of the Session committees, assists, when requested, in the development of committee objectives, and continually looks for ways to develop lay leadership.
2019 Chair: Craig Kegerise

Membership & Involvement
encourages the gift of hospitality to welcome newcomers and to help all members find a home at Derry.
2019 Chair: Jill Provins

Mission & Peace
leads the mission activities of the church. The committee communicates the key mission values to the congregation and shares the ways we live out those values through our mission partners.
2019 Chair: Marilyn Koch

provides support and oversight of all staff and all administrative activities, and develops and implements personnel policies.
2019 Chair: Kathy McGrath

Stewardship & Finance
oversees the annual stewardship campaign and special appeals (such as a building campaign), monitors the finances of the church and manages Derry’s financial resources.
2019 Chair: Dennis Hosler

Worship & Spiritual Life
supports the worship services at Derry Church, its programs of vocal and instrumental music, and the spiritual growth of the congregation.
2019 Chairs: Al Porter and Cindy Warnock