The Mission & Peace Committee of Derry Presbyterian Church allocates mission dollars to a variety of organizations during a given calendar year. In order to make responsible fiscal decisions, the committee uses the following application process:

1) Organizations seeking funding are asked to submit a FUNDING REQUEST FORM along with supplemental materials (annual reports, organization budget, etc.) by the SECOND FRIDAY in January

2) Upon receipt of Funding Request Forms, the Mission & Peace Committee of Derry Presbyterian Church will review TIMELY SUBMISSIONS for funding during the current calendar year.

3) A timeline for allocation will then be created, with monies being DISTRIBUTED IN THREE ALLOCATION GROUPS (April, August, and November)

4) If funding is AWARDED to your organization, a check along with a request for follow-up information on use of funds will be mailed to the address provided on the Funding Request Form

Direct questions and supplementary materials to


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