Vacation Bible School 2017


August 17, 2017


Debbie Hough

Director of Christian Education

August is here  Whenever I get a reminder from Sue George that I am up for writing the eNews article, my heart skips a beat and my mind goes blank. What on earth will/can/should I write?  My mind races through all the possibilities:

  1. Vacation Bible School just concluded and the 80+ participants and the 60+ volunteers had a great time “Building Faith in God” as we played games, sang in a musical (with one week’s rehearsal, for heaven’s sake!), constructed lots of craft projects, and heard the stories of the Tower of Babel, building the Tabernacle and the Temple for God, building the church for Jesus (with the help of the Holy Spirit, of course) and finally, looking to ourselves as part of the body of Christ. It was an intense, but very good week as Derry and community children gathered together.
  2. How about all the blessings soon to come? On Sunday, August 27 we will bless backpacks and those heading off to school at the 10:30 am service. This is new for us, so bring your backpacks to church. Then on Tuesday, August 29 will be our annual “Blessing the Covenant between God and Animals” at 6:45 pm in the courtyard. I am always amazed at the host of animals who come and how they sit calmly when worship begins. This is the truth!
  3. I could encourage all the women that now is the time to begin reading a Louise Penny novel (or two or three) before the annual Women’s Retreat at Kenbrook Bible Camp and Conference Center on March 2-4, 2018. My Canadian friend Joyce MacKichan Walker will be our facilitator as we visit the community of Three Pines. Joyce has written an article in the July/August issue of Horizons magazine featuring Louise Penny. She even gives me a “shout out!” There is so much to discuss in these books that we will have a hard time narrowing them down. For those who know the stories, my duck puppet is already dressed in her sweater and ready to go!
  1. Or, I could tell all the children from PreK through Grade 5 that our Church School Rally Day is on September 10. Our Rally Day theme is “A World of Adventures” and we will stop every so often to take a Sunday Funday break and visit a new country. Suitcases and passports will be required (and can be made at Rally Day). We have so much to do that Rally Day will be held throughout the lower level of the building so other classes will be on the move, too. Watch for signs that morning!
  2. I wonder who might be interested in going on a field trip with me to the Glencairn Museum in Bryn Athyn to see the special World Nativities exhibit? The exhibit runs from Friday, November 24 through Sunday, January 7. If folks are interested I hope they will let me know and we can pick a date!


There are so many other things that  I am looking forward to: meeting the newest Pilgrim Fellowship group, seeing my friends from KIWI, and having the routine of Sunday mornings and Terrific Tuesdays once more.

And this doesn’t include all the new things we will dream up with, with Pastor Stephen’s help and leadership. 2017-18 looks to me like a super year here at Derry – if I told all the stories, there wouldn’t be enough room in an eNews article!