March 23, 2017


​Jackie Lerch

​Director of Youth Ministries


For the last several weeks our youth have been preparing for our Youth Sunday worship service which is coming up on April 2.  This past week, I stood back and looked around our youth room at everyone spread out around the room, some with Bibles open, some writing prayers, some searching for music, some preparing skits, everyone eating and laughing and working together. It was crazy and loud and I was so completely proud to be their youth leader.

We have been spending a lot time talking about storms in our lives and how God is with us through those times.  Whether the storms are brought on by our own choices, by the actions of others, or by things we can’t explain, we all have been through difficult times.  One of the things we have been discussing is how God not only carries us through these storms, but that he places people in our lives to help us get through them.  As our youth are planning this worship service, we hope you are touched and moved by God in a way that we have been.  Perhaps you need the reminder that God is with you through the storm.  Maybe God is putting you in someone’s life that needs comfort through their storm.

Another thing we talked about during a recent Youth Group is how often we pretend that everything is ok even when it isn’t.  Why do we do that?  And why does it feel like the place we do that most often is at church?  God doesn’t require us to have everything in our life together in order to have a relationship with him.  In fact, he wants us to bring him all of our junk, all of our problems, worries, fears, and let him take care of it.  He has given us a youth group family and a church family to be there for us as a support.  What kind of support do you need from this family and how can you be a support to others in the family?

On Youth Sunday, several of our youth will share their storms and how God has carried them through. Our choir will be singing Beautiful Things by Grungor.  The chorus says, “You make beautiful things out of the dust.  You make beautiful things out of us.”  No matter what your storm, God is making something new and beautiful.  We hope to see you on April 2 as a part of our beautiful church family so we may worship together, through the storms.