Calling a New Pastor

At the January 21, 2015 Session meeting, Rev. Dick Houtz asked the Session to request the congregation to ask the Presbytery of Carlisle to grant him the status of “honorably retired” effective April 30, 2015. His last Sunday at Derry was April 12. 

Read Rev. Dick Houtz's letter to the congregation announcing his intentions to retire.‚Äč

 Process for Calling a New Pastor

 Pastor notifies Session of departure (retirement)     1/21/15
 Session authorizes Personnel Committee to begin interim search     1/21/15
 Congregation and Presbytery in prayer during the transition    1/21/15  
 Congregation votes to dissolve the pastoral relationship    2/15/15   2/15/15
 Farewell worship & celebration with Rev. Houtz and his family    4/12/15   4/12/15
 Interim pastor MIF approved by Session and the COM    2/15/15   3/12/15
 Interim pastor MIF posted on the CLC     3/18/15   3/19/15
 Interim pastor candidate selected by Interim Search Committee     4/1/15   4/30/15
 Interim pastor candidate approved by the Session and COM    5/7/15   5/14/15
 Interim pastor hired by Session and begins ministry    5/14/15   6/1/15
 Session determines readiness to move forward in electing a PNC    10/21/15   11/4/15
 Session asks Nominating Committee to nominate a PNC   11/4/15   11/4/15
 COM gives Session permission to proceed in electing a PNC   11/12/15   11/12/15
 Congregation elects PNC   12/20/15   2/7/16
 PNC prepares detailed MIF for Derry's next installed pastor    3/7/16   4/25/16
 Session approves installed pastor MIF    5/4/16   5/4/16
 COM approves MIF    5/4/16   5/12/16
 MIF posted on the CLC    5/12/16   5/18/16
 PIFs of potential candidates reviewed by the PNC    5/31/16  Spring 2017
 PNC conducts personal interviews of final candidates  Spring 2017  Spring 2017
 COM members screen final candidates  Spring 2017  Spring 2017
 PNC selects final candidate  March 2017   3/27/17
 Final candidate approved by COM/received as member of Presbytery    3/27/17   4/13/17
 Final candidate visits and preaches at Derry; congregational vote    5/7/17    5/7/17
 New pastor's first Sunday at Derry    7/16/17    
 Installation of new pastor    


CLC = Presbyterian Church (USA) Church Leadership Connection, a national database for congregations seeking new pastors and ministers open to new ministry opportunities
COM = Committee on Ministry, a Presbytery-level committee that assists churches in calling a new pastor
PNC = Pastor Nominating Committee
MIF = Ministry Information Form (a church's resume that is reviewed by potential candidates)
PIF = Personal Information Form (a pastor's resume)